An Australian Union Boss Described Her Old Fling With A Prominent Barrister As A 'Charity Shag'

Health Services Union boss Kathy Jackson has described a 22-year-old one-night stand with a barrister set to cross-examine her at the royal commission into union corruption as a “charity shag”.

Jackson, the HSU’s national secretary, was scheduled to appear before the royal commission over her alleged misuse of union funds, but before questioning, submitted a statement saying she had sex with HSU barrister Mark Irving, SC, in 1992, arguing it should prevent him from cross-examining her. Her submission was rejected Commissioner Dyson Heydon.

Outside the royal commission after giving evidence, Jackson told the waiting media “we all make mistakes” and that Irving was a “charity shag”.

She said the barrister was a “combatant in this” who had “skin in the game” and that Irving “has been part of the vendetta to bring me down.”

“I just could not believe he had the audacity to sit there and want to cross-examine me,” Jackson said.

The Age has more details here.

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