Ex-Staffer Blames Laura Ingraham For Causing Him To Impersonate Ken Lewis And Congressman Kingston

Laura Ingraham

Nelson Lewis, former producer of “The Laura Ingraham Show” who was recently arrested for impersonating both Georgia Republican Jack Kingston and former Bank of America CEO Ken Lewis is now in treatment for his pathological lying problem.

Lewis, who Page Six calls DC’s “Talented Mr. Ripley,” admitted to setting up a fake email account in Ken Lewis’ name:

I thought the real Ken Lewis wouldn’t complain. I just wanted something positive out there. I have a problem and am getting treatment.

Lewis, who worked as a producer for Laura Ingraham’s show for approximately 15 weeks before being fired, went on to blame Ingraham for his chronic lying.

“She emasculated me,” said Lewis. 

A rep for Ingraham mocked Lewis in response in a statement to Page Six:

We understood that His Excellency had left his three-month stint with the show because he had been offered the CEO position of Facebook, or was it the editorship of The Economist?

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