Ex-President Cakebread Re-emerges At SaaS Vendor Xactly


Last week, we learned of an executive shake-up at Software-as-a-Service leader (CRM), with President / Chief Strategy Officer Steve Cakebread (along with two other senior VPs) leaving the company. But Steve wasn’t out of work long: He was just appointed CFO at SaaS vendor Xactly.

It’s not a move to the competition. “ is a customer of ours, we’re partners,” Xactly VP of Biz Dev Karen Steele told SAI. Xactly makes software that sits on top of Salesforce’s service through its Appexchange. Xactly’s software shows salespeople their performance targets and the bonuses they’ll get for meeting those targets in real time — the stuff incentive is made out of. Nor does Xactly only work with SFDC: The company offers its CRM add-on for sales software packages offered by Oracle (ORCL) and Microsoft (MSFT) as well.

Karen said Steve didn’t leave SFDC with the purpose of joining Xactly; Steve’s departure from Salesforce was up to 12 months in the making. That gels with what SAI’s sources tell us: That Steve, who was once CFO, was unhappy after Mark Benioff snagged a new CFO for the company, pushing Steve into the largely ceremonial role of “Chief Strategy Officer.”