Rogue Ex-Russia Today Anchor Is Now Giving Career Advice On Bloomberg TV

Liz wahl

Liz Wahl, the anchor who dramatically quit Kremlin-backed television network Russia Today during a live broadcast last month resurfaced on Bloomberg TV Thursday in a segment advising viewers “how to quit like I did.”

“I gained some notoriety after I resigned very publicly from my last employer,” Wahl began. “If you witness wrongdoing and if you’re a part of the problem, that’s when I think you can stand up and say, ‘This is it, I cannot be part of this. I need to resign and perhaps I need to speak up.'”

RT has faced strong criticism of its coverage of the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. The network has disputed characterizations it produces propaganda for the regime of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

On Bloomberg TV, Wahl went on to say she had “no regrets” about leaving RT after declaring, “I cannot be part of a network funded by the Russian government that whitewashes the actions of Putin.”

“I’m proud of what I said and what I did. I wouldn’t recommend maybe causing that much of a stir in all situations,” said Wahl. “In most normal circumstances, if you have a better opportunity, you quit, you give your two weeks, you do it like that. Quitting is almost like a breakup. I think sometimes, it’s easier than others. Sometimes it’s more civil than others, sometimes it’s a very passionate breakup.”

Soon after Wahl left RT, she was criticised by for her alleged connections to a “cadre of neoconservatives” who some said helped stage her dramatic departure.

After Wahl’s high-profile exit from the network, cable news producers who spoke to Business Insider were divided about whether her headline-grabbing resignation would lead to new job prospects. Despite her appearance on Bloomberg TV, it seems Wahl’s cable career has not been resurrected yet. Bloomberg TV said she “is still unemployed but has several job leads.”

Watch Wahl’s Bloomberg TV segment below.