Ex-MySpace Guys Get $10 Million For Startup

amit kapur small

Former MySpace COO Amit Kapur had good timing: He left the company just before a massive shakeup at Fox Interactive Media, including a new MySpace CEO and executive team.

And now he has raised $10 million in financing for his new company, according to TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington.

Arrington says Kapur raised the money from August Capital and Redpoint Ventures for the yet-named startup. What is it? Supposedly something in the message board/forum industry.

Arrington: What do we know so far about the company? Not a whole lot except that Redpoint and August are rumoured to be “very excited” about it. The company is supposedly targeting the message board/Internet forum space with technology that aggregates content and serves advertising against it. Real time search (bingo! fundable!) may be part of the business plan as well.

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