A former Microsoft exec just made the jump to Wall Street -- here's the one lesson he's learned

Kevin Turner is big on relationship-building.

It’s an important lesson that stuck with him throughout his career, according to a video by Citadel Securities released Thursday. The video announced that Turner, a Microsoft veteran, will become Citadel Securities’ chief executive officer. He will also be the vice chairman of parent company Citadel, which manages $24 billion as of June.

“I learned a long time ago, it’s not the people you work for that determines your success, it’s the people you work with,” he said. “And being able to get the very best out of them I think is critical from my standpoint.”

Prior to his 11-year career at Microsoft, Turner worked his way up at Walmart, starting as a cashier before becoming a CIO responsible for many of the retail giant’s technology initiatives. He later became CEO of Sam’s Club.

Here is Turner (emphasis ours):

“We all work very very hard in business. When you think about business in that aspect, there’s lots that goes on in the day. There are lots of meetings, celebrating of results, challenging performance…there are lots of tactics that goes into a business model. When our work is done, the one thing that we’re going to remember and hopefully be remembered for, was our relationship with other people. And having that bond with other people and inspiring them to do their very best work, is what I aspire to do at Citadel.”

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