Ex-'Melrose' Star's Manslaughter Trial To Test Reliability Of 'Black Box' Car Data

Amy Locane, former Melrose StarAmy Locane on Melrose Place

Photo: Alan Serbag/YouTube

A vehicular manslaughter case against a star of popular 90s drama “Melrose Place” will reportedly test the reliability of “black box” data from automobiles.Amy Locane is accused of broadsiding a sedan with her SUV in June 2010 while driving drunk, killing a passenger and seriously injuring a driver, the New Jersey Law Journal reported Wednesday.

Locane was indicted for vehicular manslaughter and drunk driving, and a judge recently gave prosecutors permission to use data from the vehicles’ “black box” devices as evidence against her.

Car makers have been installing these devices since the 1990s – when Melrose Place aired – but there’s little case law on whether lawyers can use their data in the courtroom, the Law Journal reported.

The devices record data about speed and vehicle manoeuvring, the Law Journal reported.

On the night of Locane’s crash, she claims that she was fleeing a motorist who was chasing her after a separate crash when she rammed into the sedan.

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