Ex-McDonald’s Worker Says He Was Told To Brush Mouse Droppings Off Burger Buns And Serve Them Anyway

McDonald’s has a little PR crisis starting to bubble after a former employee filmed a mouse trapped in a bag of Big Mac rolls with his cell phone camera at a Philadelphia store, reports Fox 29 (via the Consumerist).

The worker, Karruim Demaio, tells Fox 29 that it was “about the sixth or seventh time,” which prompted him to finally take a video of what was going on. He also says that his boss told him to brush off the mouse droppings and serve the bread to customers.

Yuck, if he’s telling the truth. Demaio was fired from the store for not showing up to work, and didn’t release the video until after he was let go.

The restaurant’s manager denies the accusations, and the owner of the McDonald’s is now further investigating the claims.

Whether the worker’s story is true or not, it doesn’t help public perception. Plus, it shows how impossible it is for McDonald’s corporate office to manage every single person in its enormous network of franchises. An oversight at one store can impact its entire global brand.

Check out the news report from FOX 29, along with the video of the mouse below:

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