Kingfish Labs Raises $500,000 To Turn Facebook Profiles Into Dating Profiles And Mutual Friends Into Matchmakers

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There are a lot of dating sites and many of them pull in Facebook data. Few of them actually sit on top of Facebook and reorder profiles based on your dating preferences.

Yoke is Kingfish Lab’s first Facebook app. Kingfish Labs is a new company that raised $500,000 from Lerer Ventures and Softbank Capital to crunch Facebook data and create recommendation apps.

“Mark Zuckerberg said Facebook’s first five years were about building a user base and the next five are about creating an app economy. We believe that,” says Kingfish Labs co-founder Rob Fishman.

Kingfish Labs and Yoke were founded by Fishman and a fellow Huffington Post employee, Jeff Revesz.

Rob Fishman served as Huffington Post’s social media editor. Jeff Revesz joined the company in 2010 when his startup, Adaptive Semantics, was acquired. There they met Ken Lerer, Huffington Post’s co-founder and an investor in Kingfish Labs. They’re working out of Lerer Ventures’ office at 560 Broadway in New York City.

Yoke launched out of private beta last week; 2,500 people have signed up to use the service. When a user signs up for Yoke, they can say if they’re single or in a relationship. If they’re in a relationship, they become a matchmaker and can introduce single friends to each other. If they’re single, they can send a Yoke or Facebook message to a friend for an introduction to the second degree person.

Fishman says he and his team of four have been working to analyse Facebook data for future Yoke-like products. 

“It’s easy to imagine a situation where the Facebook recommendation data we have on the back end can be generalized,” says Fishman.  “You could have an app that recommends music to you, and it becomes easier to make because we’ve already done the work on the back end.  Or if you’re a publisher like Huffington Post and a Facebook user stumbles across an article, they can recommend it to other like-minded people. The most obvious layer is recommending people to people, like Yoke, but you can drill down deeper.”

Here’s Yoke in action:

On Facebook, sign up and choose your relationship status:



Yoke will then recommend people for you to set up, or people for you to meet based on things like your mutual friend count. It will tell you what you have in common along with mutual friends. There’s currently no way to block against de-friended exes though.


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