Ex-House Rep Anthony Weiner Sells His NYC Home, Puts “Sexting” Scandal Behind Him

Anthony Weiner

In what is probably very related to the dramatic “sexting” scandal that ultimately forced former Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-NY) from office, the 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath co-op in Queens that Weiner called home was just sold for an undisclosed amount.

The co-op – an 875 sq. ft. abode with hardwood floors and renovated kitchen – is located in the secluded Forest Hills neighbourhood of Queens and was originally put up for sale on May 21. Those who followed the news at the time may remember that the scandal that ultimately cost Weiner his job broke just a few days later, on May 27. The home was apparently pulled from the market four days later, but Weiner managed to keep the listing private a lot more successfully than he did his racy texts and pictures.

The final purchase price is unknown; the home was originally listed for $449,000 in June.

Weiner and his wife, Huma Abdein, are expecting their first child and probably sold the home as a way to separate themselves from the scandal that rocked the political world. No one knows where they will wind up, but it is likely they will stay in the New York City area as they rehabilitate their marriage and Weiner restores his tarnished image.

Weiner is not the first politician to enter the spotlight as a result of sexual escapades – especially from New York. Former governor Eliot Spitzer resigned in 2008 as a prostitution scandal broke; he, however, chose to stay in his home on the Upper East Side and is actually very active in his father’s massive real estate business (in addition to appearing on CNN and teaching political science).

On the Republican side, former South Carolina governor Mark Sanford attempted to sell his $3.5 million, 12,000 sq. ft. home in 2009 before his very own sex scandal broke, but took the home off the market after the news came out about his tawdry affair with a South American mistress. He reportedly still lives there, minus his ex-wife.

Suffice to say, anything can happen with real estate when the owner of the property is a disgraced former politician who has fallen from favour. Sometimes the knowledge of the troubles – like Sanford’s then-impending divorce from his wife – gives buyers the leverage to force an unfavorable deal for the seller. Sometimes the politician simply chooses to remain where he is.

But in all cases, scandals highlight everything that goes on in a person’s life with bright lights for all to see – especially real estate transactions.

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