Ex-Girlfriend, Former Teammates To Be Used As Witnesses Against Bonds In Court

Barry Bonds

Photo: andertho via flickr

When Barry Bonds steps into the courtroom next March for allegedly lying about steroid use under oath before congress, he’ll see some familiar faces on the prosecution’s witness stand: former teammates Bobby Estalella, Benito Santiago, Armando Rios, and Marvin Benard.They are four of the 37 witnesses the prosecution plans to call to the witness stand in its case against Bonds.

Prosecutors expect Estalella to testify that Bonds admitted his steroid usage to him while they were teammates with the Giants.

Other intriguing witnesses include Kimberly Bell, Bonds’ ex-girlfriend, and former MVP and admitted steroid user Jason Giambi. He’s one of several players to have come in close contact with Greg Anderson, Bonds’ former personal trainer.

Anderson has repeatedly said he would go to jail before testifying against his former client. Meanwhile, Bonds maintains that he never “knowingly took” illegal performance enhancing drugs.

We still don’t understand why such drastic measures have been taken to implicate a mere drug abuser. There have to be better ways to allocate the Northern California court’s resources. Plus, at least one famous sports lifer doesn’t think steroids are a big deal.

See the original court document with a complete list of witnesses over at ESPN >

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