'Bernie' Inspires Lawyer To Take Up Ex-Funeral Director's Murder Case

Jack Black

Photo: Courtesy Millennium Entertainment

A black comedy inspired by a Texas funeral director convicted of killing a reported 81-year-old curmudgeon could lead to his early release.Texas lawyer Jodi Callaway Cole saw the movie “Bernie” and plans to petition a court to review Bernhardt Tiede’s life sentence for shooting his elderly companion, the Dallas Morning news reported Tuesday.

Cole said “Bernie” raised “some issues” about Bernhardt Tiede’s murder conviction. She asked the movie’s director, Richard Linklater, if she could see the transcript to dig a little deeper into the case.

She met with Tiede and found they were a “good fit,” the Morning News reported.

Marjorie Nugent, the woman Tiede murdered, was by many accounts a loathsome person, according to a piece written by the woman’s nephew, Joe Rhodes, in The New York Times.

From the Times article, which came out when “Bernie” was released:

“When informed that Marge died, the first thing my Aunt Sue, her other sister, said was, ‘What a relief.'”

Currently, Tiede won’t be eligible for parole until 2027.

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