Ex-Dewey Partners Enlist Big-League Lawyer To Represent Them In Possible Fight With The Firm

Steven Davis Dewey LaBoeuf

50 ex-partners at crumbling firm Dewey & LeBoeuf hired a prominent lawyer in case the firm tries to go after their money, the New York Law Journal is reporting.

The former partners have brought on Mark Zauderer, whose clients include a Clinton-era cabinet secretary, to fend off so-called clawback claims, according to the Law Journal.

It’s possible that Dewey & LeBoeuf could file clawback claims to seek money from the ex-partners, the Law Journal said. The former partners are also asking Zauderer to represent them in possible claims against the firm over money they say they’re owed.

The Wall Street Journal reported Friday that Dewey & LeBoeuf was readying a possible bankruptcy filing in the next several weeks.