Ex-Apple Insider: 'People Are Embarrassed By Siri'

talking to siri

A former Apple insider has some harsh words about Siri, the iPhone’s voice activated assistant.

In a big Fortune article on Tim Cook’s first year at Apple, a former employee told reporter Adam Lashinsky, “People are embarrassed by Siri … Steve [Jobs] would have lost his mind over Siri.”

What are the problems with Siri? This former employee didn’t say, but it probably has to do with the fact that Siri is still in beta, and has had problems like downtime, and it takes a long time to get answers.

Those are technical glitches with Siri that need to be worked out, and are understandably embarrassing.

The real problem with Siri could be much worse. It could be that people don’t actually want to talk to their phones. It could be that Apple has totally misfired on what people want for the first time in a long time.

Read Fortune’s full story here >

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