Ewan McGregor's Fake Twitter Account Taken Down


It had begun to seem like Hollywood had accepted Twitter’s free marketing potential so much that celebrities were no longer getting hot-and-bothered over fake Twitter feeds. Back in the day, twittering under the guise of a celeb like, say, Stephen Colbert, was an invitation to get a cease-and-desist order. 

But now, neither Michael Bay nor Henry Paulson have complained about their fake Twitter pages, perhaps because they’re too busy laughing at the tweets. Even Tina Fey, when she noted that she wasn’t writing her Twitter feed, didn’t seem that bent out of shape about it.

But that was before Ewan McGregor found out someone was impersonating him on the service. Now McGregor’s reps, who say both Ewan’s Twitter feed and the MySpace profile the Twitter account linked to were fake, may have gotten the fraudulent twitter account taken down. Ewan’s twitter feed (@ewanmcgregor), no longer exists as of early Tuesday morning. Ewan’s reps told The Guardian yesterday that they were trying to get both the twitter account and fake MySpace page taken down.

Apparently, Ewan’s reps were concerned that “people monitor his movements and then copy them down,” which is irrelevant if they’re not Ewan’s movements at all. Unless the impersonator is also stalking the actor and then twittering what he actually does.

Nonetheless, fake Ewan won’t be twittering anymore. The anonymous user will have to find another random, B-list actor to impersonate, like Aaron Eckhart.


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