EWallstreeter.com Stock Screening Series


EWallstreeter.com scans thousands of stocks to find certain patterns which can lead of momentum shifts. Here are today’s outliers:


Bullish 50/200-day Moving Average Crossovers- DBDN, BKS, CAG, CT, FUR, GNW, LEE, SHO

Oversold with an Improving RSI- AOL



Bearish 50/200-day Moving Average Crossovers- CEW, CNQ, CVA, DCO, DFT, ECL, EPP, EPU, FLY, FTE, HAL, HNI, IQI, LLY,                                                                                                                                                                              –                                                                               MCP, MFB, MFC, MHD, NBL, OII, PIZ, TBI, THG, UPL

Overbought with a Declining RSI- AVK, COY, GMA, WEA


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