23 Brilliant Proposals For Skyscrapers Of The Future

Architecture magazine eVolo takes readers into the future with its annual skyscraper competition, which rewards innovative ideas for vertical living.

For its ninth annual competition, the magazine received 525 projects from 43 countries in all continents. Three winners and 20 honorable mentions were selected by a jury of leaders in the fields of architecture and design.

The winners and honorees may not be the buildings of today, or even tomorrow, but they present new ideas for how we may construct and reside in skyscrapers in the future.

The first prize went to 'Vernacular Versatility,' a proposal that reinterprets traditional Korean architecture in a contemporary mixed-use high-rise.

First Place. Vernacular Versatility. Yong Ju Lee (United States)

This second place place project, 'Car and Shell Skyscraper,' proposes a city in the sky for Detroit comprised of homes, recreational areas, and commercial areas stacked in a large cube.

Second Place. Car And Shell Skyscraper: Or Marinetti's Monster. Mark Talbot, Daniel Markiewicz (United States)

The environmentally friendly third place winner 'Propagate Skyscraper' aims to obtain and contain greenhouse gases in order to lessen their presence in the atmosphere.

Third Place. Propagate Skyscraper: Carbon Dioxide Structure. YuHao Liu, Rui Wu (Canada)

'Sand Babel' is a proposal for a group of ecological structures designed as scientific research facilities and tourist attractions for the desert. The main portion of each building would constructed with sand, sintered through a solar-powered 3D printer, and inspired by the designs of various desert phenomena.

Honorable Mention. Sand Babel: Solar-Powered 3D Printed Tower. Qiu Song, Kang Pengfei, Bai Ying, Ren Nuoya, Guo Shen (China)

'Climatology Tower' is a new take on a greenhouse that would function as a research center to evaluate a city's meteorology and helps the environment through mechanical engineering.

Honorable Mention. Climatology Tower. Yuan-Sung Hsiao, Yuko Ochiai, Jia-Wei Liu, Hung-Lin Hsieh (Japan)

Source: eVolo

'Launchspire' aspires to eliminate the 'hydrocarbon dependency' of an aircraft during takeoff by using an electromagnetism force.

Honorable Mention. Launchspire. Henry Smith, Adam Woodward, Paul Attkins (United Kingdom)

Source: eVolo

'Hyper-Speed Vertical Train Hub' essentially creates a vertical train station for the year 2075.

Honorable Mention. Hyper-Speed Vertical Train Hub. Christopher Christophi, Lucas Mazarrasa. (United Kingdom)

Source: eVolo

This massive-looking water tower will prevent fires by capturing rainwater in the rainy season and irrigating the land in the dry season for the Amazon.

Honorable Mention. Rainforest Guardian Skyscraper. Jie Huang, Jin Wei, Qiaowan Tang, Yiwei Yu, Zhe Hao (China)

Source: eVolo

'The New Tower Of Babel' is a proposal for a steel construction in the desert that could function as an 'open city.'

Honorable Mention. The New Tower Of Babel. Petko Stoevski (Germany)

Source: eVolo

The 'Bamboo Forest' project proposes to make bamboo scaffoldings a permanent part of buildings, specifically in Asia. Benefits would include the possibility of vertical gardens and additional stabilisation during earthquakes.

Honorable Mention. Bamboo Forest: Skyscrapers And Scaffoldings In Symbiosis. Thibaut Deprez (France)

Source: eVolo

'PieXus,' an abstract skyscraper, would be set on Hong Kong's harbor to act as a hub for water and street traffic, with apartments in the upper levels.

Honorable Mention. PieXus Tower: Maritime Transportation Hub Skyscraper For Hong Kong. Chris Thackrey, Steven Ma, Bao An Nguyen Phuoc, Christos Koukis, Matus Nedecky, Stefan Turcovsky (United States)

Source: eVolo

The 'Hyper Filter Skyscraper' is designed to 'inhale' carbon dioxide and other harmful gases in cities and 'exhale' concentrated oxygen.

Honorable Mention. Hyper Filter Skyscraper. Umarov Alexey (Russia)

Source: eVolo

'Project Blue,' an umbrella-like structure, aims to transform particles into green energy by creating an enormous upside down cooling tower.

Honorable Mention. Project Blue. Yang Siqi, Zhan Beidi, Zhao Renbo, Zhang Tianshuo (China)

Source: eVolo

This proposal was created with earthquakes in mind. 'Liquefactor' would adapt to nature and sink into unstable soil rather than be destroyed in the event of a disaster.

Honorable Mention. Liquefactor: The Sinking City. Eric Nakajima (New Zealand)

Source: eVolo

'Urban Alloy Tower' aims to create more housing located directly on the intersections of train lines in cities like New York.

Honorable Mention. Urban Alloy Tower. Matt Bowles, Chad Kellog (United States)

Source: eVolo

'Skyvillage For Los Angeles' is a proposal for a building that includes green filtering towers to clean freeways, and also connect the city's segmented downtown.

Honorable Mention. Skyvillage For Los Angeles. Ziwei Song (United States)

Source: eVolo

This underground project would repurpose an abandoned mine in Lubumbashi, Congo for a university campus.

Honorable Mention. Here.After: The Material Processing Machine. Tsang Aron Wai Chun (Hong Kong)

Source: eVolo

'The Blossom Tower,' set in Malaysia, would include a sculpture park, outdoor performance spaces, a new 'Museum of People,' and a Sky Walk with a cafe at the top.

Honorable Mention. The Blossom Tower. Anthony Fieldman / RAFT Architects (United States)

Source: eVolo

'Seawer' is a proposal for an underwater structure that acts as a drainage hole to engulf floating trash in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a massive accumulation of debris in the ocean.

Honorable Mention. Seawer: The Garbage-Seascraper. Sung Jin Cho (South Korea)

Source: eVolo

'Infill Aquifer' is a proposal for an urban building that can regenerate and rehabilitate groundwater as a means of sustainability.

Honorable Mention. Infill Aquifer. Jason Orbe-Smith (United States)

Source: eVolo

'Re-Silience Skyscraper' is a green project that rethinks the skyscrapers by optimising soil and biomass.

Honorable Mention. Re-Silience Skyscraper: Biomass Reduction. Diego Espinosa Figueroa, Javiera Valenzuela Gonzalez (Chile)

Source: eVolo

This arch-heavy building, which would be located at the abandoned Chicago Spire, would bring back Classical architecture in a historically significant location.

Honorable Mention. 21st Century Neoclassical Skyscraper. John Houser, Park MacDowell (United Sates)

Source: eVolo

This projects envisions building more vertical manufacturing towers in New York City in the face of growing global trade. The three towers would be perched on the Newtown Creek peninsula in Queens.

Honorable Mention. Made In New York: Vertical Urban Industry. Stuart Beattie (United States)

Source: eVolo

Now see some amazing buildings that exist today.

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