This German company is that much closer to having air taxis

Air taxis could be just a couple years away.

Germany company e-Volo created a multicopter called the Volocopter, and it could be the future of urban mobility. 

Scroll down for a closer look at the Volocopter.

The electric Volocopter comes with 18 rotors and flies through the air extremely quietly. It can fit two people.


It's powered by six batteries that allow for 20 minutes of flight, but e-Volo is working to get that flight time up to an hour. It can take off and land vertically using a simple joystick.


Source: Gizmag

The Volocopter recently got a permit to fly in Germany to fly as an ultralight aircraft, allowing e-Volo to begin manned flight testing.


But it also has 20 independent computers that could allow it to fly completely autonomously.


E-Volo is aiming to roll out production models in two years, with the goal of it being used for air sports and eventually as an air taxi service. It could also be used for search-and-rescue purposes, the company writes on its website.


The final version of the Volocopter will be able to reach 62 miles per hour.

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