It Didn't Take Us Long To Find Evidence The 'Yes' Campaign Is Breaching Scottish Vote Regulations

Pro-independence campaigners have been handing out political leaflets outside of a polling station in Edinburgh in a clear violation of polling regulations.

The campaigner, who was more than happy to be photographed by Business Insider, appears to be in direct contravention of the Polling Stations (Regulation) Bill. Here is the relevant part:

The prescribed area in question is a circle with a 250 meter radius from the main entrance of the polling station. As you can clearly see in the photo below this does not appear to have been anywhere near that far away:

Anyone found guilty of breaching the regulations faces a fine of up to £5,000. Such activity is highly unlikely to impact the result, of course. And we can give these folks the benefit of the doubt because they weren’t impeding anyone from voting. But the real damage is that this type of behaviour provides support for accusations of sharp tactics and intimidation that the Yes campaign has vehemently denied in recent weeks.

With the vote already deeply dividing Scotland, this is unlikely to help.

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