Everything You're Doing That's Stressing Employees Out

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The American Psychological Association released a survey earlier this month about chronic stress and the work place. The study found that 36% of employees experience regular work stress and nearly half say it’s due to low salaries.

Workers also listed a bunch of other things you’re doing that stresses them out, such as:

  • Not giving them an opportunity to advance their careers (43%)
  • Giving heavy workloads (43%)
  • Having unrealistic job expectations (40%)
  • Demanding long work hours — 39% said this caused them a “significant” amount of stress
  • Not giving adequate non-monetary rewards or recognising their good work (43%)
  • You have dissatisfying work-life practices (43%)
  • Not making them feel valued (52%)

And here’s how they’re lashing out:

  • Only 2/3 are motivated by you to do a good job
  • 32% said they will be ditching your company within the next year

Chronic stress can be deadly too; it  causes anxiety, insomnia, muscle pain, high blood pressure and a weakened immune system that could lead to heart disease or depression. 

To better your employees’ work experiences, try demanding less detail on projects to lighten work loads. “Most times, if something is 80% done, it’s ready to go. The extra 20% really won’t make much of a difference,” says one expert.

Also make sure you give employees positive feedback.

Some employees are more prone to stress than others, so managers should always ask interviewees how they deal with stress to avoid unhappy work situations in the future.

How can employees avoid stressful jobs? First, check out this list of least and most stressful jobs on the planet. Then realise all jobs come with a certain level of stress and suck it up.  That’s advice straight from a psychologist.

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