Here's Everything You Need To Know To Use The New Google+

New Google+ UI

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Google+ got a massive user interface makeover today, making it look more like a social network rather than just a scattered stream of conscious.The overhaul has the look and feel of Facebook’s Timeline, but in a much cleaner look.

This new UI combines all the unique Google+ features such as hangouts, circles, apps, and +1s into a cohesive display.

If you’re confused about what to expect with the new Google+ redesign, come along for a walkthrough to see all the changes that were made.

When you log into your Google+, you'll be greeted with an introductory video of the redesign.

When you begin your tour, the first thing Google+ highlights is the hangout button located statically to the right.

You might not have that many friends who've switched over to Google+, so invite them via e-mail.

When you like your friend's posts, you can give +1, reshare, or chat with the friend about it if they're online.

Click your profile picture or a Settings button to make changes to your profile.

To share something, just insert a link, photo, or type in your thoughts on the bar at the very top of the page.

You can attach files from your computer or external links from across the web.

What Google+ has over Facebook is the simple way to share between those you select. You can choose to share certain things privately, in a group, publicly, or only to selected friends.

When you have your privacy settings, files attached, text typed and ready to go, simply finish the task by clicking Share.

Your new profile page looks Timeline-esque, with a background cover photo and your profile picture on top.

Click edit your profile to change the cover photo.

You can choose a tile template to add multiple pictures as the cover.

Or upload one big one you like to hover around the back.

On the Home tab, you can check out what people or sites you follow are sharing.

The new Google+ highlights what's trending more prominently.

The Explore tab lets you see what's trending around the web. It can also give suggestions for who you might like to follow based on your interests.

You're also not limited to hanging out with just your friends. Random people and businesses often have public hangouts where you can meet and chat with new people.

The Photos tab lets you upload media from your phone or albums you've already uploaded to feature on your news feed.

You can also download an app from Google Play or the App Store to upload pictures via mobile.

In the Circles tab, you can organise your friends into groups.

A new feature on Google+ is games, where you get a big array of gaming apps.

You can play with friends or strangers to make gaming more social.

Like adding gaming apps on Facebook, you'll have to allow Google+ permission to access your account.

I chose to play Sudoku, a solo game or one you can invite friends to challenge them to beat your scores.

Lastly, on Pages, you can set up a list of sites and businesses you follow to have a consolidated page of updates.

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