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professor chalkboard lessonSAI readers are educated and experienced

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Finally, we know who you, our readers, really are.Last month, we posted about a new tool called the Funding Recommendation Engine from research startup ChubbyBrain. The FRE asks you a few quick questions about your company and preferences, then returns a list of VCs and angel investors you should consider.

Apparently, quite a few of you tried it out, and ChubbyBrain just sent us some aggregate stats about the founders we referred. In short: you, dear readers, are a highly educated, experienced bunch.

Most of our founder readers are still hungry

SAI attracts grizzled veterans -- more than half have at least 11 years of experience

A little over half of you have already launched a product

Our startup audience is skewed toward New York, but not as much as we would have thought

Internet startups dominate; mobile is surprisingly beaten out by healthcare

No wonder the comments on SAI are so erudite! More than a third of you have postgraduate degrees

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