Everything You Need To Know About Who's Using Twitter

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Photo: Edison Research

Edison Research released the results of its annual study of Twitter usage today.The broad takeaways are about what you would expect: Twitter is a lot bigger than it was last year, and a lot smaller than Facebook.

But there are some interesting gems in there. For instance:

  • Twitter is now just as well known as Facebook, despite the huge gap in adoption rate.
  • Black people, who account for about 12% of the population in general, make up 25% of the Twitter population.
  • Four out of 10 Twitter users have at least three computers in their homes.

You can request a copy of the report from Edison at their website, or check out all the best charts right here:

Social networking in general is growing fast

That growth is visible across all age groups

Everyone knows about Twitter now

In fact, Twitter is now as well known as Facebook

Location-based networks aren't on many people's radar yet

Twitter usage is way up, but still a small percentage of the population

About a third of those users are on Twitter every day

No surprise here: Facebook is crushing Twitter

Black people are twice as well represented on Twitter as in the general population

25-34 year-olds make up a third of the Twitter population

Twitterers are disproportionately wealthy

They're also well educated

... and they think the recession is over!

Twitter users access the Internet from multiple locations

... including from their phones

... and their many computers

They're also big texters

They are *much* more into mobile networking than others

Twitter users spend more time on social networks than most

A lot of people use Twitter to learn about products

Twitter folk are way more in to brands than most social networkers

They post status updates...

... though not necessarily on Twitter

Tweeps have tons of neat gadgets

They think of themselves as early adopters

Almost half of them use dedicated social networking apps

... but going to networks' sites is still much more common

Twitter users worship the Internet

... and spend a lot more time on it than other people

TV is still great for breaking news, but they like the Internet even more for that, too

If they had to choose between the Internet and television, it wouldn't be a tough choice


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