Your ultimate guide to visiting Washington, DC

A photo of the National Capitol Columns in Washington, DC's National Arboretum.
Insider’s guide to visiting Washington, DC, will help you have a pleasant experience in the nation’s capital. Daniel Diasgranados for Insider

Much more than just the US seat of government, Washington, DC, is truly a one-of-a-kind destination. With world-class art museums, historic neighborhoods, thousands of acres of green space, and countless cultural festivals all year long, there’s plenty to experience on every trip. In fact, we think eating your way through the district’s award-winning culinary scene is worthy of a trip all on its own.

Check out Insider’s guide to learn how to best experience the nation’s capital like a Washingtonian on your next visit:

What to know when traveling to Washington, DC

Where to stay in Washington, DC

Where to eat in Washington, DC

What to do in Washington, DC

Important advisories for visiting Washington, DC