Everything you need to know about the News Corp leadership changes, in 4 confusing paragraphs

Lachlan Murdoch (Getty / Ian Waldie)

Via The Australian:

Lachlan, 43, will be promoted from non-executive co-chairman to executive co-chairman. Rupert, 84, the company’s founder and currently the chairman and chief executive, will become executive co-chairmen alongside his eldest son.

Lachlan will steer a sprawling entertainment conglomerate that includes the Fox broadcast network, cable channels in the US and around the world, and one of the largest film and television studios, whose current box office hits include action comedy Spy.

James, 42, currently co-chief operating officer, will become CEO, while Chase Carey, currently chief operating officer and Rupert’s right-hand man, will become executive vice chairman.

As part of the management reshuffle, executives who currently report directly to Mr Carey will report jointly to both Lachlan and James.

News Corp stock is up 0.0017c, or 0.01%, in after-hours trade.

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