Everything you need to know about the Mayweather, Pacquiao showdown in one awesome infographic

Just one day to go until Mayweather and Pacquiao go head-to-head.

The Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao match up is one of the most highly anticipated boxing matches in history to date.

Expected to generate revenues in excess of $400 million through pay-per-view television and other broadcasting deals, the fight has attracted some of the biggest sponsorship deals seen by sport advertises – Pacquiao’s shorts alone will carry sponsorship worth of about $2.3 million.

Even tickets to the sold out event have been resold online for as much as $140,000.

“The huge sums we are seeing from this fight are down to two simple factors; supply and demand,” says Glenn Lovett, president of global strategy at Repucom, a global sports marketing research company.

“Mayweather and Pacquiao have been heralded as two of the best pound-for-pound fighters of a generation and finally, after five years in the waiting, fans will get to see them go toe-to-toe.

“Although Mayweather is perhaps the favorite, it’s Manny Pacquiao’s persona which seems to be most appealing in the lead up to the fight for neutrals. His humorous roles in two Footlocker commercials and behind the scenes training videos from Nike provide an insight into the man behind the legend in a much less superficial way than we see Mayweather ahead of the fight.”

Heading into the match up, Mayweather has won all 47 of his fights – 26 by knockout – while Pacquiao holds 57 wins, five losses and two draws.
See all the statistics leading up to the fight in this awesome infographic.

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