Here's Every Last Thing You Need To Know About The Economy In 120 Seconds


Unfamiliar with the state of our economy?

Good, we’ve got you covered.

Actually the Federal Reserve of Richmond, Virginia is here to help.

They’ve just released a presentation chock full o’ charts with just about every economic indicator you can think of.

We’ve made it so you can flip through it easily and get a quick overview of the state of the economy.

You may want to consume it in bites, browse it at your leisure, and then come back when you’re looking for something specific.

Check out the charts >

labour Productivity, Nonfarm Business

Private Single-Family Housing Starts

Core Consumer Expenditure Price Index

M2 Money Supply

Civilian Unemployment Rate

Capital Market Rates

Monetary Base

Real Investment In Equipment & Software

Civilian labour Force Ratios

Federal Reserve System Assets

Capacity Utilization Rate: Manufacturing

ISM: Purchasing Managers Index

Real Nonresidential Fixed Investment

Employment Cost Index

Average Hourly Earnings

Existing Single-Family Home Sales

Sales of Automobiles & Light Trucks

ISM: Business Survey Indexes

Retail Sales

Real Federal Funds Rate

Residential Single-Family Building Permits

Money Market Rates

Real Private Nonresidential Construction Put In Place

Risk Premium

Real Investment In Nonresidential Structures

Treasury Yield Curve

Business Inventory/Sales Ratio

Consumer Price Indexes

Producer Price Indexes

Unit labour Cost, Nonfarm Business

Exchange Value Of The US$

Balance Of International Trade

New Single-Family Home Sales

Monetary Policy Instruments

Gauges Of Inflation

Commodity Price Indexes

Nonfarm Payroll Employment

Core Capital Goods

TIPS Inflation Compensation

Nonfarm Payroll Employment

Personal Saving Rate

Personal Income & Expenditures

Industrial Production Index: Manufacturing

Crude Oil Prices

Manufacturers' New Orders

Overall Consumer Expenditure Price Index

Aggregate Weekly Hours Index

Expected Federal Funds Rate

Real Crude Oil Prices

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