Everything You Need To Know About Paul A. Jenson, Phil Falcone's Former COO


After the SEC brought fraud charges against hedge fund giant Phil Falcone and former Harbinger Capital Partners Chief Operating Officer Peter Jenson this afternoon, you may have been left wondering the same thing we were: who is Peter Jenson?

Well, after combing the internet this afternoon, here’s what we could find. From Bloomberg Businessweek:

  • Australian-born, 46 years old
  • Attended Deakin University and Wharton at University of Pennsylvania for his MBA
  • He’s a CPA and a Fellow of the Securities Institute in Australia
  • He became a Partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers in 1999, where he was responsible for attestation and consulting activities
  • He held senior exec. positions at Citadel Investment Group and Constellation Commodity Group
  • He started at Harbinger Group Inc in July 2009, became COO in May 2010 and left on June 30, 2011 due to a “mutual agreement” with Falcone.
  • At Harbinger, Jenson was “responsible for all operational activities of the funds and management companies including trader operations, portfolio accounting [and] valuation,” among other things. 
  • It’s unclear what Jenson did after he left Harbinger. 

We’re sure we’ll be finding out more about him in the coming days.

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