Everything you need to know about "griege," the colour that's taking over Pinterest


On Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram, home decor obsessives can’t get enough of the colour “greige.” 

Searching hashtags like #greige or #greigedesign on Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr will lead you to hundreds of images of bedrooms and living spaces, all looking flawless with the help of the internet’s favourite understated hue.


I spent the better part of May analysing paint chips in search of the perfect greyish-beige colour to paint my bedroom. I couldn’t find the right hue, though, because I had no idea what to call it.

As it turned out, Pinterest had the answer. A quick search for “grey + beige” brought me right to the exact shade I was looking for, with the added benefit of tons of pinned photos for inspiration.

Greige is all over the place, even though most people don’t know its name.

The muted colour has been a longtime staple in the fashion scene. In the 1980’s, Giorgio Armani was  “dubbed the king of greige,” reports Harper’s Bazaar, and 30 years later
, greige had become a mainstay in the world of high fashion.

In fact, Jezebel’s Jenna Sauers complained in 2010 about the “inane tiny-model-jumping-against-a-greige-background shoot” being ubiquitous in glossy magazines.

Also in 2010, Chanel’s “Particuliere” nail polish further solidified the trend, reports PopSugar. Since then, greige has evolved from its high fashion roots to become a full-on phenomenon in the world of interior decorating. 


Finding the perfect shade of greige is a tricky task. For example, one Pinterest post about finding the best greige has been re-pinned more than 1,000 times. 

The appeal seems to lie in the ability of the warmer shades of beige to liven up grey tones.

“Grey is definitely a trend that doesn’t seem to be going away, but no one wants the walls of their home to feel like cement right?” lifestyle writer Corey explains on her blog. “So the trick is to pick a warm grey which means you want a grey with some brown it it.

“I like to think the walls of your home as a raw blank canvas; when adding this colour to them you are allowing the accents to stand out,” writes interior designer Bridget Shelton on her Tumblr.


While the term “greige” is a perfect portmanteau of grey and beige, the word also derives its meaning from the old French and Italian words meaning “raw silk,” according to Wiktionary.

You guys I am so obsessed with these peonies. They make me so happy. #peony #SOdomino #greigedesign

A photo posted by greige | Christina Fluegge (@greigedesign) on


Bloggers aren’t the only ones obsessed with this cool colour. Even HGTV is in on the trend, labelling greige “the hottest neutral.”

It's back to work. Just for the day tho – this week is vacation week. Happy Monday!! #greigedesign #danapointhouse

A photo posted by greige | Christina Fluegge (@greigedesign) on


Once you find your ideal greige hue, there is almost nothing Pinterest users haven’t doused in the colour.There are entire Pinterest boards devoted to all things greige, ranging from paint samples to throw pillows. 

“Believe me, greige is your new best friend,” Corey writes.

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