Everything You Need To Know About America's Strategic Threats For The Next 25 Years


Sorry, Francis Fukuyama, no one thinks it’s the end of history anymore. Instead we’re studying the future for threats of resource-struggles, economic crisis, cyber terrorism, and pandemic.

The US Joint Forces Command released a strategic guide to the next 25 years. It will be a period of “persistent conflict,” and holding out as the world’s superpower won’t be easy.

Emerging markets could collapse under population growth. Europe, Russia, and Japan face the opposite problem.

America's democraphics are relatively stable

The developed world will be outnumbered 8:1, by 2050

As countries like America decline, countries like Mexico lose a major source of income via remittances

Could US debt lead to a hyperinflationary crisis?

Watch as debt passes 30% of GDP. NOTE: This chart does not include latest CBO estimates that are even scarier

America's budget gets tied up paying benefits and interest

The US military will have to find ways to cut costs

World energy production is increasing -- but not fast enough to prevent an energy crunch

And then we hit peak oil

These GLOBAL OIL CHOKEPOINTS could become sites of military conflicts

Food demand is surging. Can grain production keep up?

One shouldn't minimize the prospect of wars over water

Computing advances help America -- and our enemies, including cyber terrorists

For the time being, China is growing in ways that benefit the world

Could there be conflict over Russia's Arctic claims?

New conflict could erupt anywhere (especially in redder countries)

Massive urbanization could lead to disease and the spread of pandemics -- as well as instability

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