Everything You Need To Know About Facebook's Second Quarter Earnings

Photo: flickr/andrewfeinberg

Facebook’s second-quarter earnings are out!The company modestly beat Wall Street’s expectations, which were pretty low to begin with.

Facebook released a ton of charts showing how the company has grown with the new information it’s released in the second quarter, which we’ve assembled in a deck.

Overall, it looks like Facebook is still growing — though not at the meteoric pace it was during its early years.

Here we go!

Facebook's monthly users are up slightly, from 901 million in Q1 this year to 955 million.

Daily users are also up slightly (by Facebook's standards).

Its mobile users are up. That's good for Facebook, which has spent a lot of time working with Apple to integrate Facebook into the iPhone.

Revenue was up year-over-year to $1.18 billion, beating Wall Street estimates slightly.

Here's a full breakdown of revenue based on each geographic region.

Average revenue per user was also up slightly compared to a year ago today.

Here's how much Facebook spent on stock-based compensation. Note the huge spike in Q2 this year.

Here's a full breakdown of Facebook's expenses...

...and how much the company made on a GAAP basis.

On a GAAP basis, Facebook lost money this quarter...

...while on a non-GAAP basis Facebook actually met Wall Street estimates for earnings.

Facebook's infrastructure and equipment costs have spiked in the first half this year, compared to last year.

Facebook now also has nearly 4,000 employees.

Many of Facebook's communications staff are among the best...

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