GET STOKED: It's iPhone 5 Day!

<strong>WATCH: Everything We Know About The iPhone 5<br /><br /></strong>

It’s iPhone 5 day, today.

Apple is holding a big media event at 10 AM west coast time.

It’s going to announce a new iPhone, new iPods, and perhaps new Macs.

We’ll have live coverage during the event, so tune in.

Over the past several months we’ve been chronicling everything we know about the device. 

Here is what we know:

iPhone 5:
General iPhone 5 Info:

  • Whoops! Apple Sort Of Leaked That It’s Going To Call The New iPhone The ‘iPhone 5’
  • Time To Pay Attention! The iPhone 5 Comes Out This Week
  • Here’s How To Sell Your Old iPhone For The Most Money Possible
  • Of Course The iPhone 5 Is Going To Be A Smash Hit! Here’s Why
  • The Latest iPhone 5 rumour Is That It Is Going To Save The US Economy
  • NPD: Here’s How iPhone 5 Sales Could Totally Blow
  • MAKE NO MISTAKE: Apple’s Future Depends On The iPhone 5
  • If The iPhone 5 Really Looks Like This, Apple May Be Screwed…
  • UNDERCOVER REPORT: The iPhone 5 You’ll Soon Be Clutching Was Made In ‘Nightmare’ Working Conditions


  • This Might Be What Your iPhone 5 Is Going To Look Like
  • The iPhone 5 Is Going To Be Pretty Thin
  • Get Used To It: This Is What The iPhone 5 Will Look Like
  • The iPhone 5 Cases Showing Up At AT&T Indicate A Taller Phone
  • Want To See An iPhone 5 Next To An iPhone 4? Here You Go
  • Did Someone Get Their Hands On An iPhone 5?
  • Carriers Are Already Receiving SIM Cards For The iPhone 5
  • The iPhone 5 May Come With Redesigned Headphones
  • Now There’s A Video Of That Leaked iPhone 5 Model
  • Is This The First Accessory For The iPhone 5?
  • LEAKED: Here Is A Picture Of The iPhone 5’s Logic Board
  • The New iPhone Earphones Are Called ‘Earpods’ And They Look Like This
  • Here’s The New iPhone Cord, Code-Named ‘Lightning’
  • Leaked Components Show The New iPhone Will Have A Newer, Faster Processor


  • Multitasking Is Going To Be A Lot Better On The iPhone 5
  • This Is What It’ll Be Like Using Your iPhone 5


  • What Is The iPhone 5’s Killer Feature Going To Be?
  • New iPhone Will Have High-Speed Wireless Data And A Larger Screen
  • Here Are All The Cool iPhone 5 Features In The Fake iPhone 5 Ad
  • Some Think One Of The iPhone 5’s Exclusive Features Could Be A Panoramic Camera
  • Get Ready For Apple To Unveil The World’s First Smartphone With LTE*

Everything you need to know:

  • 15 HUGE Questions About The iPhone 5
  • 10 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Before Buying The iPhone 5
  • Here’s Absolutely Everything You Must Know About The iPhone 5
  • REPORT: iPhone 5 Preorders Will Start September 14
  • This Might Be The iPhone 5 Battery
  • rumour ROUNDUP: Here’s Absolutely Everything You Must Know About The iPhone 5
  • Can’t Wait? Fake iPhone 5 Available For Only $8
  • If This Analyst Is Correct, The New iPod Touch Will Be Insanely Awesome
  • It’s Almost Certain We’re Getting A New Version of iTunes Today
  • And Now We Have Leaks From That New iPods Are Coming Today

Watch the video below to see what other announcements we think Apple will make today. 

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