Everything You Need To Know About Apple's Next IPads

Apple is on the cusp of releasing a major update to its iPad line up.

The iPad Mini and the bigger iPad are due for big changes next week.

To get you ready for what Apple will announce, we’ve rounded up all the major rumours.

Apple will announce the new iPad on October 22. We'll be there covering it live.

If Apple follows its historical pattern, the new iPads will be out Nov. 1, which is the week after the announcement.

iPad line

Let's tackle the big iPad first ...

It's going to get a new shell that's more like the current iPad Mini. It will be thinner, lighter, and smaller than the current big iPad.

The inside of the iPad is also going to get some major changes.

Apple is expected to add the 'A7' chip, which is its latest, greatest chip. The A7 is in the iPhone 5S and it supports 64-bit architecture. What is 64-bit architecture? Well, it brings desktop-computing power to mobile devices. For the iPad, this could be huge. The iPad is fast becoming consumers' primary PC, so making it more powerful just makes sense.

Colour options are expected to be silver/white and 'space grey'/black. Those are the colours Apple is using on the iPhone 5S. It's unclear whether Apple will do a gold iPad.

Now, let's talk about the Mini ...

The iPad Mini is expected to get a 'Retina' display.

Retina is Apple's terminology for a high-definition screen. Apple better have a Retina display because every other company making a tablet has a higher-definition display than Apple.

The Retina iPad Mini will also get an A7 chip and 64-bit technology.

That's about it for what we feel solid on ... so, let's talk gossip!

Will the new iPads get fingerprint readers?

This is unclear. We have heard little to no rumours about it happening, so our inclination is to think it's not coming. Apple may be struggling to make enough finger print readers for the iPhone 5S, and therefore it will not want to up the production for the iPads.

Supply of the Retina iPad Mini may be limited.

There's been a lot of talk that Apple might not even be able to release an iPad Mini with Retina this year because it's struggling to make the Retina display. We believe it will happen, but we think the supply is going to be limited initially. Expect the Retina iPad to be tough to get this holiday season.

Will Apple cut the price of the current iPad Mini?

Historically, Apple drops the price of last year's model and sells it along side this year's model. We don't know if Apple will do that with the iPad Mini. But, it would be a smart move to sell last year's iPad Mini for $US229. Google and Amazon have super-cheap tablets. Apple could compete with them.

What about an iPad Maxi?

There's talk out there that Apple is planning a really big iPad -- 12.1 inches. We're sceptical it happens, but if it happens, it's not happening this year. It's also possible there's some confusion out there. There are also rumours of Apple doing a 12-inch laptop, which we don't expect next week.

Other stuff?

Apple's iPad event isn't just about iPads. Expect it to release its new desktop-computer software, OS X Mavericks. We also expect it to officially launch the Mac Pro.

That's it?

OK, twist our arm, there's some more gossip ...

The rumour is that Apple is going to update its Apple TV. It might have some sort of motion-tracking technology a la Microsoft's Kinect. Apple is NOT expected to release a full-on television, though. Just an update to the hockey puck. But there's been very little chatter on the TV, so it would be a real surprise.

That's it! Want more Apple stuff?

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