Amazon is sending waves through the advertising industry with plans to take on Google and Facebook’s dominance. Here’s everything we know.

Hollis Johnson/Business Insider

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Welcome to a special edition of the Advertising & Media newsletter. I’m Lauren Johnson, a senior reporter who covers advertising technology and Amazon’s growing advertising business.

We’ll still be sending out our weekly newsletter tomorrow but I want to highlight my recent reporting on Amazon in a dedicated newsletter. I’ve spent the past few months diving into the e-commerce giant’s $US10 billion advertising business.

Amazon may still be a distant third to the duopoly of Facebook and Google, but the company is increasingly playing a bigger role for advertisers. By 2023, research firm Pivotal Research expects for Amazon to make $US38 billion from advertising.

Below is a list of stories Business Insider has published that give a peek into Amazon’s advertising revenue, organised by subject. Have an idea for another story or a tip? Let me know at [email protected].

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New ad formats and measurement tools

Relationships with agencies

Amazon’s move into private labels


Influencer marketing

Moving into New York

Competing with Google and Facebook

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