The 5G revolution: Everything you need to know about the super-fast wireless technology that's coming

  • 5G has been talked about for years, but the super-fast mobile technology has only just begun to get into people’s hands.
  • That’s poised to change this year as carriers start to roll out mobile and home-based 5G in select cities around the country.
  • So far 5G availability has been limited, it hasn’t performed as fast as expected, and it remains to be seen if carriers will be able to deliver on the hype.
  • We’ve rounded up all our 5G coverage to get you up to speed.
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Here is a list of recent stories, organised by subject:

The carriers making 5G happen

Here’s what to expect in 5G from the ‘Big 4’ carriers as Verizon, AT&T, and others battle for dominance

Verizon’s marketing for mobile 5G appears virtually nonexistent, and analysts predict big strategy changes could be coming

Verizon is blasting AT&T for its 5GE branding strategy – but it could be a savvy move that topples Verizon’s dominance

Verizon just shared new details with Wall Street its 5G strategy but also walked back a key projection

AT&T customers in 12 cities can start using its new super-fast 5G network this week, if you buy a $US500 5G hotspot

We’re already getting an indication that Verizon 5G is stealing customers from its competitors

Verizon and AT&T are banking on 5G to connect every device on the planet to the Internet, and it could be a $US1.1 trillion opportunity

Meet the 8 execs at AT&T who are taking on Verizon in the 5G race and Disney in the year ahead

The business/consumer angle

What is 5G, how fast is it, and when is it coming?

Everyone’s buzzing about 5G but investment bankers say companies don’t know how to prepare for it

5G networks will be 10 times faster than 4G LTE, but we shouldn’t get too excited yet

iPhone users on AT&T are starting to see a new ‘5G E’ symbol instead of 4G LTE. Here’s what it means.

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