The Future Of Ads: ‘Everything Will Become Dynamic’

“Everything communicates…everything that is static will become dynamic,” said Wendy Clark of Coca-Cola at the Ad Age Digital Conference, the premier event highlighting how technology is changing the marketing landscape and consumer behaviour. The top marketer’s sentiment is echoed by the top brands and thought leaders presenting at the forum.

As Tom Johansmeyer (@tjohansmeyer) writes on the news site SocialTimes:

“Look for something new today from Vibrant, the in-context ad guys. The company, which has become pretty well-known for its double-green-line ads is adding video to its display ad product. The new product, called VIA Dynamic, according to a company statement, will ‘leverage the power of contextual by delivering video that dynamically changes to match the page content.’

“So, think about those double green lines that you’re accustomed to seeing on Business Insider and MSNBC. Now, imagine the ad with video that changes with the content on the page. That’s a pretty powerful tool. Look for it to be presented at 3pm today at the AdAge Digital Conference.

“‘Vibrant offers the leading tech platform for understanding content and empowering advertising to become relevant to a Web page in real-time,” said Anna Kassoway, SVP Marketing and Creative. “The Internet is finally delivering on its promise of a more relevant advertising experience for consumers and smarter brand engagement for marketers. AdAge Digital is the ideal forum for addressing the role contextual relevancy will play for future media platforms.

“Given the likelihood of increased concentration in the online advertising market, it’s probable that advertisers will be hungry for alternatives. Instead of amping up Google ad spend – or churning through the same audience over and over on Facebook – it looks like there may be a fundamentally new way to engage.”

Vibrant is #12 in the ComScore Top 50 Ad Focus ranking, reaches more than 250MM monthly global unique visitors, and has a network of over 6,000 premium publishers.