What Ray Dalio Could Do With His Massive Fortune

ray dalio

In the last few years, Ray Dalio’s hedge fund Bridgewater Associates has catapulted to stardom, and it’s because, quite frankly, he’s amazing at what he does.

In 2011, Dalio’s Pure Alpha fund returned a staggering 16%, while many famous hedge funds were hit by double digit losses.  

From Bridgewater’s huge returns during 2010-11, Dalio was able to bring home about $7 billion over the two years. And now, he’s the 34th wealthiest person in the US, according to Forbes, with a net worth of approximately $10 billion.  

It’s quite a lot of money, so we thought we’d come up with some comparisons (and do a little imaginary shopping) so we could visualise how much Ray Dalio’s fortune means in real terms. 

Dalio could buy almost 5 million 2013 Super Bowl tickets.

  • 4,930,966 2013 Super Bowl Tickets at $2028 each.
  • 92,592,592 Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New York Giants regular season tickets at $108 each.

He could pay almost 200,000 teacher salaries.

  • 198,019 Elementary School Teacher Salaries at $50,500/ year.
  • 50,403 Harvard Professor Salaries at $198,400/ year.

He could put over 260,000 kids through college.

  • 261,917 in-state students could attend Arizona State University for four years($9,545/year)
  • 62,736 students could attend Harvard University for four years($39,849/year)

He could buy 416,000 Toyota Prius.

  • 416,666 2012 Toyota Prius at $24,000
  • 201,613 2012 Chevrolet Corvettes at $49,600
  • 34,602 Ferrari 458 Italia at $289,000

He could create an air force of 244 Boeing F/A 18 Hornets.

  • 778 Gulfstream G4 Private Jets at $12,850,000
  • 244 Boeing F/A 18 Hornets at $41,000,000
  • 57 Boeing 787 VIP BBJs at $175,000,000

He could build 6 Yankee Stadiums.

  • 6 Yankee Stadiums at $1.5 billion
  • 47 Red Bull Arenas(Harrison, NJ) at $213 million

He could order 2.8 billion Big Macs.

  • 8.9 billion litres of milk at $1.12
  • 4.3 billion loaves of bread at $2.31
  • 2.8 billion McDonald's Big Macs at $3.57
  • 1.18 billion Chipotle Burritos at $8.50

He could buy 41,000 American homes.

  • 41,271 average American homes at $241,300(Oct.2011)
  • 2,925,687 months of New York rent at the average of $3,418/month
  • 111 Woolworth Mansions on East 80th street in NYC for $90 million
  • 41 White Houses for $242,305,100

He could watch 5,000 private Beyoncè concerts.

  • 5,000 private performances by Beyoncè on St. Barts for $2 million each.
  • 3,333 private performances by Elton John for a price of $3 million each.

He could stay at the Ritz Carlton in NYC for 16 million nights.

  • 200,000 nights in the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa at The Palms in Las Vegas for $50,000/night.
  • 16 million nights in the Ritz-Carlton New York on Central Park for $625/night.

He could assemble a farm larger than South Carolina.

  • 4,672,897 acres of farm land in the lower 48 states at an average of $2,140/acre(2010). That's more land than the states of Connecticut, Delaware or Rhode Island.
  • 20,833,333 acres of farm land in New Mexico at an average of $480/acre(2010). That's more land than South Carolina, West Virginia, Massachusetts or Vermont.

He could buy almost 200,000 gold bars.

  • 195 tons of gold at $1,600/ounce.
  • 196,078 one kilo gold bars at $51,000 each.

And, his net worth is larger than the GDP of Chad and Zimbabwe.

Ray Dalio's net worth is greater than the annual GDP of countries(2011) like:

  • Chad: $9.3 billion
  • Zimbabwe: $9.3 billion
  • The Bahamas: $8.1 billion
  • Fiji: $3.5 billion

Yet, his current Greenwich, CT home is only .0343% of his net worth.

  • Dalio could purchase his own Greenwich, Connecticut home 2,915 times at $3.43 million. His Greenwich home is extremely modest for a billionaire and is only .0343% of his $10 billion net worth.

He's rich now, but Dalio (and a bunch of other Wall Streeters) came from nothing.

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