COFFEE, GAS, COLLEGE TUITION: Here's A Look At Everything Priced In Gold

gold plated bmw M5

Photo: Only Cars and Cars

You’d be hard-pressed to find a merchant that will sell you something in exchange for gold.But what if you could?

Charles Vollum is the editor of a fun website called  As you may have guessed, Vollum offers looks at varieties of goods and services priced in gold.

He also provides informative and entertaining extended commentary on his website.

For your viewing pleasure, we pulled a few select charts for goods (priced in gold) that are a part of most people’s everyday lives.

U.S. First Class Postage has been getting cheaper in the last decade in terms of gold, despite rising stamp prices

Soaring gas prices? Not when they're priced in gold

The cost of going to Yale in 1900 is almost identical to what it costs gold terms

Coffee prices have been remarkably stable since 2002 in gold terms. You could literally say coffee is worth its weight in gold.

Sure, stock prices are way up since the '80s. But not priced in gold

Like stocks, the US economy hasn't made much progress in gold terms

Crashing home prices look a lot more dismal priced in gold

Uranium's been getting a lot cheaper priced in gold. Surely, you can find a black market uranium supplier who'll accept gold as payment.

If only we could buy food with our stash of gold...

If you feel like you're earning less money, it's probably because you can't buy as much gold

Here's the dollar-priced-in-gold chart the gold bugs are always ranting about

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