Here's everything Apple will unveil this year

Apple’s 2015 was a little uneven, as products like the Apple Watch and Apple Music failed to set the world on fire.

But Apple never stops. Here’s everything we expect Apple to launch in 2016.

The big one is going to be the iPhone 7 (and the attendant iPhone 7 Plus), which is expected to be announced in September this year.

One fan's unofficial iPhone 7 concept design.

Reports say the iPhone 7 won't have a headphone jack in order to make it thinner.

Will Wei/Business Insider

With no headphone jack, Apple is going to have to come up with its own wireless earbuds, which will reportedly debut alongside the iPhone 7.


Other likely iPhone 7 features include waterproofing, the ability to make any headphones noise-cancelling, and wireless charging.

One fan's unofficial iPhone 7 concept design.

There are also rumours that Apple is going to announce a smaller, 4-inch iPhone 6c in March. But unlike the iPhone 5c, which had a plastic casing, this one would probably be metal.

On the hardware refresh side, 2015's iPad Pro mega-tablet will probably get a second-generation refresh later this year...

Steve Kovach/Tech Insider

...and the iPad Air 3 is expected to finally come out in the first half of the year, after being nowhere in sight all during 2015.

Business Insider

A new Mac Pro is long overdue, and could finally come out in 2016, as hinted by references in the code of the newest version of OS X.

In fact, given that Apple's 2015 was all about introducing new concepts like the super thin-and-light new Macbook, get ready for lots of hardware refreshes that add a little more horsepower under the hood. The Macbook itself could get a Retina screen this year.


An exception might be the thinner MacBook Air, which is reportedly going to see big changes this year, as Apple might kill the smallest 11-inch MacBook Air and add a giant new 15-inch model.

Coming soon is iOS 9.3 for iPhone and iPad, which will include cool features like Night Shift -- a mode that changes the lighting on your device at night to make it easier on your eyes.

Alex Heath / Tech Insider

iOS 9.3 will also add nifty new features for educational iPad users, including the first time that a single iPad will support multiple user logins.

Apple's iOS in Education apps.

Apple's popular Swift programming language is expected to hit version 3.0 sooner rather than later, making it more powerful and flexible for app developers.

Getty Images

And thanks to acquisitions like artificial intelligence startup Emotient, expect Apple to start to demonstrate smarter recommendations and search results in apps like Siri and Spotlight Search.


Apple could also finally announce its long-rumoured cable-killing bundle of digital channels for the Apple TV.


But the biggest news for Apple employees might be the company's long-delayed, still-under-construction 'Spaceship' campus in Cupertino. Apple is due to finally move in before the end of the year.

Apple may finally acknowledge this year that it's working on some kind of electric car. It's the poorest-kept secret in Silicon Valley. Maybe even a prototype?

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