Everyone's Worried About The Exact Same Stuff

Speaking at Davos, WPP’s Martin Sorrell revealed the things that worry him: The Mideast, the US fiscal situation, Europe, and China.

That prompted Tony Fratto to tweet:


Photo: Tony Fratto

That’s totally correct. Even famous doomer Nouriel Roubini basically has the same list of concerns for the year.

Everyone is super-tired of the same fears: Mideast tensions, unrest in Europe, hard landing risks in China, political polarization in the US.

On the concern front, nobody has anything original to say, which is why a lot of people are just throwing in the towel now, and saying: Well, the crises are done.

This is what hedge funder David Tepper said on Bloomberg yesterday, that there are no major negatives left.

Something will come along that will be interesting, but at the moment, we’ve got cliche worries on the one hand, and on the other hand, people saying they can’t think of anything to be concerned about.

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