Everyone's talking about what happened to Ted Cruz's wife during his concession speech

Ted Cruz hugs his father, Rafael, and wife Heidi after suspending his campaign of his campaign. Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz conceded defeat to rival Donald Trump today, clearing the way for the brash and controversial property developer to stand for the GOP, most likely against Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton.

It was an humiliating end to the Texan senator’s campaign after Trump smashed Cruz in the Indiana primary.

And sometimes, when things are going against you, they don’t stop. After announcing he was suspending his campaign, he turned to hug his father, Rafael, a 77-year-old preacher who a few days earlier, Trump linked to the man who assassinated US president John F Kennedy.

And that’s when Heidi Cruz, his wife, copped it, not just once, but three times, as they came together in a group hug – first with an accidental fist to her face from her husband, then with his elbow to her cheek, the once more as he moved to embrace her.

And now that Cruz is gone, it’s the unfortunate moment in the presidential race many will remember him for. It was a tough day in the office.

Watch what happened here:

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