Everyone's laughing at the dreadful attempt at an Australian accent in this anti-plain packaging video

That’s not an Australian accent, THIS is an Aussie accent… Photo: Paramount Pictures/Getty Images

A US lobby group, the Property Rights Alliance (PRA), which advocates on intellectual and physical property rights, has taken to the internet over the past week to spread its message.

They’ve posted several versions of the same YouTube video, which takes aim at Australia’s cigarette plain packaging laws.

The somewhat apocalyptic 3 minute 31 second clip seeks to demolish a series of “facts” about smoking in Australia, arguing that contrary to the intentions of plain packaging, smoking rates have actually increased as a consequence.

If true, you’d think tobacco companies would be telling the PRA to keep quiet and stop ruining things when sales are going so well.

But the thing about the video that’s grabbed the attention of the 50,000-odd people who’ve watched it is the pretend Australian accent used.

“In life, not everything you hear is always true,” the voiceover begins, perhaps with lashings of hidden irony, taking about at the “Orstrallian” government.

Plain packaging “destroyed” intellectual property, and consumer confidence, the video argues.

But the message is lost on most Australians, who can’t get over the American trying to deliver an Australian accent like a Simpsons parody.

One person commenting on the YouTube clip described the accent as “a weird combo of South African, New Zealand, East Coast US, Bugs Bunny, Mr Yunioshi, Sheep and Martian”.

Others wondered if it was Crocodile Dundee after a stroke brought on by smoking, while some said it was even worse than the police officer at the end of Point Break.

As John McCarten2 says “Not expecting anyone to sit through the whole video, but “the gahvermint is comphairing ahhrples to oor’ngas” at 2:10 is a thing of beauty.

Decide for yourself by watching it below.


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