Google Reader Users Explode Over Redesign: ‘Rip The Team Several New Orifices’

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Google launched a redesign of its RSS reader Google Reader, infuriating its most loyal users.

Google shut off friending, following, sharing items and commenting on Google Reader — which were all widely used by readers that mutually follow each other and share news content among themselves.

Twitter lit up with complaints about the redesign. A few examples:

  • “Yesterday I hated the new Google Reader,” news editor for Publishers Marketplace and Wall Street Journal writer Sarah Weinman wrote. “Now I despise how it has pretty much curtailed my ability to work by deleting the share options.”
  • “I wish someone at Google would channel Steve Jobs and rip the Google Reader team several new orifices,” Bill Bishop of MarketWatch and DigiCha.
  • “OK, *totally not happy with the look of the new Google Reader. Recommended replacements?,” Kai Ryssdal of Marketplace

  • “The new Google Reader: looks like the designer quit in the middle of the project.,” Brad Schorr, social media dude.

A redesign like this — and the associated backlash — is pretty typical on the web. Whenever Facebook changes its design, its user base typically erupts in complaints about it.

Google killed a lot of the sharing features in Reader because they exist in Google+. It seems like Google is trying to kill the social network it has around Google Reader to get those users on Google+.

How do you feel about the new Google Reader? Love it or hate it? Let us know in the comments below