Everyone Is Raving About This App That Lets You Workout Against Pro Cyclists For Free


Photo: Strava

Strava, Strava, Strava. Everyone who loves cycling or running is suddenly raving about this app. They are using it on the back trails of Colorado and the roads of Vancouver and everywhere else.

They are addicted to Strava because it compares your performance on specific trails or roads against your friends and a long list of pro cyclists and other pro athletes (but mostly cyclists).

How much faster did you ride or run than your buddy? Then a pro? If you were the fastest on a particular part of a trail (a segment), you get crowned King of the Mountain (KOM) of it.

Or you can join a Strava challenge like the one thrown down by former Olympic coach (and former coach of Lance Armstrong) Chris Carmichael where you would ride the route of the USA Pro Challenge. That’s an insane seven-day bike race covering 683 mountainous miles in Colorado. (It’s like a U.S. Tour de France).

Strava doesn’t pay the pros to use the app either, a company spokesperson proudly told BI. These pros are using it on their own.

The company was founded by two best friends, Michael Horvath and Mark Gainey, who had worked on various Valley startups together.  Avid cyclists, they built an online cycling club with virtual races. About a year ago, they opened the club up to others, built an iPhone and Android app and Strava was born.

Strava, based in San Francisco, raised $16 million in funding from Madrone Capital Partners and Sigma Partners.

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