Everyone is freaking out after a deadly 'blue dragon' washed up on Australian shores

Photo: Sylke Rohrlach/ Wikimedia Commons

A rare “Blue Dragon” sea slug has gone viral after washing up on the shores of Queensland, Australia last week.

The bright blue creature, which goes by the scientific name Glaucus Atlanticus, can mainly be found in tropical waters around the world floating upside down on the surface of the waters.

It’s extremely rare — and also dangerous.

The poisonous sea creature is known to feed off blue bottle jellyfish and swallow the venomous cells of its prey in their own tissue to later use against predators.

The shell-less mollusks can generally be found off the coasts of Australia, South Africa and European waters and usually reaches lengths of just over one inch (2.5cm) when fully grown.

One was also spotted in May this year after it washed up in Gold Coast, Queensland.

Facebook user, Lucinda Fry, recently captured her own experience of finding the rare creature:

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