Everyone Important at BarCap Is A Guy

Bob Diamond Barclays

A quick glance at the Financial Times’ breakdown of “who’s who” at BarCap is almost funny: every single big dog is a man.

It’s no secret that Wall Street is dominated by men, but come on. There are no females in the top ranks at BarCap?

Hopefully it’s just an anomaly. Otherwise we have to assume the bank’s President, Bob Diamond, is either sexist or just really into guys.

Specifically, these guys:

  • Jerry del Missier, President of Barclays Capital and co-chief executive of Corporate & Investment Banking
  • Rich Ricci, Co-chief executive of Corporate & Investment Banking
  • Iain Abrahams, Head of Risk, Liquidity and Private Equity
  • Eric Bommensath, Head of Fixed Income and head of Global Markets – Trading, Americas
  • Gerald Donini, Head of Equities
  • Skip McGee, Head of Investment Banking Division
  • Robert Morrice, Chairman and chief executive Asia Pacific, Barclays PLC
  • Ivan Ritossa, Head of Global Markets – Trading, Asia Pacific and head of FX and Prime Services
  • Guglielmo Sartori di Borgoricco, Head of Distribution
  • Benoit de Vitry, Head of Global Markets – Trading, Europe and head of Commodities and Emerging Markets
  • John Varley, Chief executive, Barclays Group
  • Thomas Kalaris, Chief executive of Barclays Wealth
  • Roger Jenkins, Former chief executive of Private Equity, Principal Investments and Structured Capital markets at Barclays Capital

(Via eFinancialCareers)

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