If You Want To Know Why Everyone In America Hates Congress, Just Look At This Chart

The Democratic House Leader’s office sent over this chart this morning to hammer in their claim that House Republicans have brought Congress to a halt by demanding an extension of all of the Bush-era tax cuts.

Usually we try to refrain from regurgitating partisan talking points, but this chart is actually damning for both the GOP and Democrat, offering numerical evidence that Washington gridlock has gotten totally out of control. Given these numbers, its easy to see why Congress’s approval rating is a dismal 16 per cent.

congress chart

The chart shows the current Congress has passed only 132 laws — about 1/3 the number of laws passed under the previous Congress. Of course, there is still time between now and January to make up some of that ground — but with the two parties deadlocked on everything from the agriculture bill to the defence budget, the outlook is not good.  

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