Everyone Distracted When Blonde Walks Into A Shareholder Meeting

Shari-Lea Hitchcock

Photo: Sydney Morning Herald

A TZ Ltd. shareholder meeting was held in Sydney, Australia yesterday to discuss the potential sale of 38% of the company to QVT, a hedge fund TZ owes $24 million to (they defaulted on the loan).And everyone got a chance to gawk at the hottest blonde they’d ever seen in a business meeting.

The shareholders later approved “all resolutions,” including the sale to QVT, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Apparently her name is Shari-Lea Hitchcock and she arrived late wearing a black miniskirt and high heels. Everyone turned to check her out when she walked in.

She’s also a shareholder and the mistress of Dick Pratt, the late Australian billionaire chairman of Visy Industries.

Ow ow!

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