Everyone At JP Morgan Was Talking About That Ridiculous Intern Email About The Fake IDs Yesterday

jamie dimon whisper

We hear that yesterday afternoon, JP Morgan was in “uproar” over a series of emails sent by one cavalier intern about a party arranged for last night.

In case you missed it, at 1:53 pm yesterday an email was sent from one JP freshman to hundreds of others, the content of which basically said: come to this party tonight; it’s going to be wild; don’t worry if you’re underage — fakes WILL be accepted.

The two most important sentences being: “ReUnion is not strict on IDs so if you have a fake you will be fine. If you don’t have an ID… get one!” and “Don’t miss out! Tell everyone, it’s going to get wild.”

That email was then forwarded to Bess over at Dealbreaker, along with the two subsequent apology emails.

The first declared: “I have realised this is not the place to use company time to talk about after work events. In no means did I intend to go against code of conduct… I know some of you interns are not 21, so remember to think and be smart and it is 21+ to drink…underage activity is illegal.”

The second continued a similar theme: “Disregard anything you heard, Tonight is 21+ only… that is, 21+. ReUnion is not a pushover bar, I am sorry for the rumours that spread, it is 21+ see you all there, enjoy.”

Needless to say the emails began to do the rounds at JP Morgan, outside of the intern class, and apparently, everyone was talking about it for the rest of the day. The story made it to the UK within hours.

Predictions this poor young fellow or lady will have their internship cut short by HR were flying around both inside the bank, and elsewhere (see 118 comments… and counting). It goes without saying that the under 21 issue is taken incredibly seriously at the banks. At JP Morgan, for example, those in the under-21 club have it designated clearly, when for certain events, they have to wear a name-tags.

We’ve all erred as interns, so we hope JP takes it easy on this one.

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