What Slowdown? Facebook Adds Another Million Users


Are you on Facebook yet? No? You may soon be the only one. Facebook just hit 70 million active users; the site’s official stats page had last recorded 69 million. And while it still trails MySpace (NWS), which claims 110 million active users, it’s closing the gap fast. Last summer, Facebook hit 30 million active users.

In terms of average unique visitors per day, it’s already passed MySpace, according to comScore.

Professional Facebook-watcher Nick O’Neill predicts that the site will have 100 million users by the end of the year, but that looks like a fairly modest projection at this point. As for worries about user growth slipping over the winter? As we said earlier, that slippage appears to be seasonal (though we still can’t figure out why people stop using social networks in February. Seasonal Affective Disorder?)

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